About Us

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust

About NeuroScience Unit

We utilize different research approaches from epidemiological surveys/cohorts, genomics, clinical studies, psychological assessments, neurophysiology, evaluation of interventions to public awareness

To spearhead research on mental, neurological, and neurodevelopmental disorders relevant to national, regional, and global needs

  • To conduct studies of common conditions of the mind and the nervous system to generate data to inform policy.
  • To create cohorts for understanding brain function and pathogenesis of diseases, for testing interventions, and for long term follow-ups e.g., survival.

  • Research on mental, neurological, and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Clinical services for patients with epilepsy and neurodevelopmental problems
  • Community engagement
  • Clinical trials in mental health
  • Developing and testing tools and interventions for mental, neurological, and neurodevelopmental disorders

Our Locations

The Neuroscience Unit is based in Kilifi County and carries out its research work in Kilifi and Mombasa Counties. The Neuro-Epilepsy Clinic serves people from Kilifi and the neighboring counties.


Neuro Epilepsy Clinic Directions