Vincent Mzungu Kadzenga



Vincent Mzungu Kadzenga

I’m Vincent from Tezo-Kilifi, first born in a family of three boys, I schooled at Lutsangani boys high school and passed with B+(plus) at KCSE.

I will join Technical University of Kenya to pursue Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering).


WHAT MOTIVATE ME; The successful individual really motivate me that I can as well. Since people imagine that being a scientist or engineer is not easy but personally I feel that I should face the challenges that people fear.

Primary School

Kapecha Primary

Secondary School

Lutsangani Secondary School

Favourite School Subjects

Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

Career Aspiration

Electrical and electronics engineering


Making new friends, chatting and watching TV

Personal Blog


It explain what KEMRI do, conduct mobilization and follow up on refusals to answer any questions It’s a department that build good relation between KEMRI and community.
It organize open days and invite different groups of community like vigogo, referees, chiefs, religious leaders in order to create awareness on what KEMRI do.
Community have and clarify anything that is not clear to the community.
Any scientist who want to involve community in his/her project seek advice from CLG on a CAST meeting especially on sample collection part.
To me it was nice experience to get chance and participate in this activities

In this round I got chance to visit ward one for babies, HDU for patient on critical conditions and pharmacy.
I learned how nurses attend patients which was interesting.
How to dispense medicine I got chance to learn also in pharmacy. The most part I was attracted in is when patient get well after some time.

This is where I saw science really being applied.
In immunology Lab. I learned extraction of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), DNA replication, RNA extraction, parasite culturing actually this was the part I like in labs.
In CTL, I saw how blood group is determined and have a chance to test mine.
In microbiology, they were testing samples from field for different studies mostly things to do with bacteria and viruses.

I notice that it work very closely with CLG because on census part is where most refusals occur and on auto verbal autopsy.
It is the department that map the KHDSS and a lot of studies are under EDD.

I would like to register that of all department IT has been the most interesting part to me , the way IT staff work are organized and are welcoming guys. The part of servers had a very good presentation to us and I learn different servers like wed server, email server, printer server, Lync server etc.
I learn about networking, database design of which I designed one, programing.
Honestly it has been wonderful and awesome moment to be part of SLAS 2017.
Through rotation it has made me to make wise decision on my career, I achieved this by consultation different individual from different field of profession.
I got a chance to see science concepts being applied in real life situation unlike in school where I use to imagine it’s for the sake of examinations.
I learned how people should behave in workplace be it time consciousness in meetings, time to be at workplace, respect to each workmates etc.
Furthermore, i got to learn there is need to work hard and smart in anything in life to succeed.
Last but not least, no one is special it’s all about attitude, having vision and mission, believe in yourself and you can make