Mwarome Oscar Munga



Mwarome Oscar Munga

Residence Malindi- Kwachocha

What motivates me:I have seen many people becoming successful after doing different engineering courses in the universities.

Primary School

Kadzinuni Primary School Kilifi

Secondary School

Malindi High School

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics and Physics

Career Aspiration

I would like to persue Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Playing Football and watching movies.

Personal Blog


In the labs I moved in different labs (microbiology,clinical trial lab and microbiology lab). I managed to interact with different people showing me how they are doing their work,how different machines or equipment are used in carrying out research and they are explaining how different machines work.For the two weeks rotation I knew many people interact well with them.I learnt a lot of things on the way they do their work, they have a lot of team work when working, cooperate well with each other, take a lot of care of equipment they have, they are also well organized on carrying out their work especial in storing of samples in freezers.

Moving in different wards such as HDU and ward one was interesting and educative as I had a chance to interuct with different people such as nurses, clinical officers, doctors and people from different communities coming to look for health services. I attended meetings every morning which made me to understand well how work in wards is done.

This is the most interesting department I enjoyed in my rotations. I found it is educative as I learnt on how one should relate well with people in the communities. Moving to different places attending KCR meetings to me was a chance to know different places I had not go before. In the meetings I learnt how KEMRI interact well with the community to create a mutual understanding with the community. I had a chance to interact with high school students share my experience in KEMRI, telling more about my school,ways I used to pass my final exam and final encouraging them to work hard in order for them to achieve their goals.