Michael Kitsao Shida



Michael Kitsao Shida

My dream career is to do industrial chemistry. I learnt about SLAS from a friend. My role model and mentor is Linda Kithi because she is self motivated and hardworking. What motivates me is the need for science in research in order to solve clinical problems that affect the community.

Primary School

Galilee Primary School

Secondary School

Moi High School- Gesusu

Favourite School Subjects


Career Aspiration

Industrial Chemistry


Listening to music, watching National Geographic channel

Personal Blog

My rotation in the CLG department was so good and adventurous. I enjoyed most of the trips from the department i.e refusals, KEMRI COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVEs (KCRs) meetings, barazas and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) meetings, I appreciated how KEMRI relates with the community, I understood that some the community members have less knowledge about KEMRI, I got a chance to attend a training at Sarova for the CAB members, I received quality advice from the workers in the department, I had an opportunity to feel what the workers themselves undergo and lastly I got an opportunity to attend an open day for CHVS EPIDEMIOLOGY DEMOGRAPHICS DEPERTMENT(EDD) My rotation in the EDD department involved attending a training with the field workers, I accompanied the field workers to the field and experienced field working, I got talks from learned staff on some studies and advice as well, I got a chance to visit the sickle cell clinic and experienced some good time there, I accompanied some workers for a follow-up on a man who claims to be wronged by KEMRI and I had a tour to the ward (pediatric ward, ward 2 and ward 3)