Khadija Said Swaleh



Khadija Said Swaleh

My names are Khadija and I am the second born in a family of three.I was born in kilifi but raised at both Kilifi and Mombasa.I schooled within kilifi county in both my primary and secondary school education. What actually motivates me is the drive and passion that I have for success, in real sense nothing is sweeter than your own successful hard earned work, also I am very keen in bettering our today’s community life and that’s also another motivating factor in me. My parents are my greatest mentors in everything I do, they support me in everything productive that I do and advise me a lot. My teachers too mentored me and helped me in doing many thing which I was unable to throughout my studying period. I am going to pursue biotechnology in agriculture at the Masinde Muliro university of science and technology. My role model is Sir Alexander Fleming who was a great biologist.

Primary School

Malindi HGM primary school

Secondary School

Kombeni Girls’ Secondary School

Favourite School Subjects

English, maths, chemistry, history, biology and agriculture

Career Aspiration

My dream aspirations and career is to be one of the greatest biotechnologist in the world, I aspire to build a career and be successful in it, I want to be a role model to many people.


Reading novels, travelling to new places that I’ve never been with an aim of exploring and learning new things.

Personal Blog


I really feel privileged having spent some quality time at Kemri and having learnt a lot too. I got the chance to interact with different people from different career fields and with that i got to sharpen my skills an extra mile. Being at kemri has opened my eyes to where my real passion lies and has also made me discover my potential by helping me realize what it is that i can best do.

While in the IT department i got the chance to sharpen my computer skills in general and i learn t about the databases, how to install the soft wares in a computer, servers. got to learn about networking and the database languages.
After finishing my two weeks rotation at the IT department i went to the EDD department where i got to know the various studies ongoing at kemri like the Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine impact study(PCVIS)the shinda study and others. In the EDD i also got to know the principal investigators of the various studies going on.
After completing my rotation at the EDD department i went to the CLG(Community Liaison Group) department. its main aim is to create a mutual understanding between kemri and the community. The CLG does this through ways such as having the open days, the schools engagement programs and others. While at the CLG i got the chance to go to many field trips with an aim of interacting with the community members or collecting information.

After the CLG rotation i went to the labs where was taken through the different sections which were the microbiology, parasitology ,and the clinical trials lab. At the immunology i learn t how to culture parasites specifically the malaria parasites, I also learn t about the DNA extraction and the polymerize chain reaction(PCR).I also got the chance to see how the gel electrophoresis is done. Being at the parasitology introduced me to the preparation of the different types of media used to culture the parasites and also the antibiotics sensitization. This is actually where my real interest lied! I extra enjoyed at the labs and once they realized my career choice they openly took me through each and every bit that i need to have in order to be successful in my career. Much gratitude to the lab people for all that you guys shared with me.

The final bit came where i went to the wards rotation, though some challenges came by, that did not deter me much from learning as much as i could, entering into a field of science, being at the wards was quiet an interesting bit.In a nutshell, I would like to express my gratitude to all the kemri staff who made this program so much of adventure, educating and an eye opener. Thank you all.