Joseph Musaka Barasa



Joseph Musaka Barasa

Once I came out of my mother`s womb, I was called Joseph Musaka Barasa and up to date have never thought of changing it. Born and raised in a loving family with both parents and my two younger brothers and an elder sister. I reside in Kilifi County a place that cause by the name Mnarani. My academic journey began way back in 2002 when was enrolled to a kindergarten school. With many drawbacks that stood my way, was able to triumph through to find academic success. It wasn’t that all smooth all through. I had to do something that saw me improving tremendously in my academics. That dates back in 2007 when I finally had my way through my studies. Since then I have been improving day and night just growing better and better every dawn of the day.
I will be doing bachelor of science in bio-statistics at Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and technology.

MY MOTIVATION: This is the most and crucial period of my live for what I do now and what I decide now at this age may well determine which way my life shall go and the question is whether I have a solid and a sound blueprint

“No one is born a hero neither a heroine it is all about how well you live positive and fully utilize every moment that comes your way in the best positive way possible”

Primary School

Mnarani Primary School

Secondary School

Friends School Kamusinga

Favourite School Subjects

Physics and computer studies

Career Aspiration

Living my dream career of becoming a doctor


Making new friends, reading

Personal Blog


Words miss to explain my stay at the was such an amazing moment once I had my physique into those classic buildings seeing all kinds of people who seemed welcoming, ready and willing to hear any form of inquiry that you could avail to them at any given time not minding about their daily duties at work. Once we started our rotation for the whole five departments is when it really dawned on me on what exactly happened at the programme.


Can`t imagine missing the preparation of mediums (food meant for bacteria to grow on) in the labs at microbiology wing. It was such a nice experiencing. Wow, had a chance to see how bacteria could grow and the way they could resist or persist to different forms of drugs that had been planted on the culture plates with the different sets of medium. From these the lab technologist could draw some important conclusion that are key for the whole research…what amazing these lab technologists guy do! Bravo guys.


Talking of the Community Liason department, I had to see what really goes behind the gates within the programme. I learnt how important the department is and its role towards realizing effectiveness in the programme. They do make mutual understanding between the community and the kemri welcome trust. Here I had a chance to meet with many people from the community who shared amazing views of what they think about kemri and the staff within the department did wonders to equip them with the necessary well-about on kemri and its activities.


To the Epidemiology and demographic department I learnt that it was one of the largest departments having the highest number of principal investigators who heads different studies. Also is in this department where data taken from the field including samples and numerical data is brought to for analysis and quality was such interesting meeting the developers who create the many applications that are used in the department for effective study. More so they were all willing and ready to listen no matter the workload that hold their sleeve back.


In the information and technology department had a chance to see how essential this unit is for a successful running of the programme. Being a support department, it offers IT related services to the stuff, purchase of computers for the stuff, and monitors the daily working of the programme by use of system servers. Failure of this department will translate to an abrupt halt of the programme. Almost everything will since functioning courtesy of its failure. To avoid such occurrences, they have a backup server for the same at a different location.


Lastly but not least, was the wards department. Here they work in coordination with the kilifi county hospital. However never had a such a nice to have everything running by then since there were no patients to see, it was good enough to seeing the premature kids who were barely 0.7 kg in incubators just in an attempt to boost their organs growth. Good enough, the kids looked healthy though tiny they were. Apart from the premature kids also had some kids who had been hospitalized due to kids infections mostly being jaundice and they could be taken to the photo machine to remove the excess bilirubin in them. Otherwise, it was a nice experience having myself see what really entails being a doctor!


That is just but a glimpse of what had in store of me for the whole time I was within the programme. To make end meet because without doing so it will mean something else, won’t finish scripting down all those good memories: it was super fantastic!