Johnson Kazungu Baya



Johnson Kazungu Baya

I would like to pursue a course in Clinical medicine and surgery.The experience I would gain from SLAS through my supervisors in the medical field would help me learn more about clinal medicine. I love reading reading medical research journals because I want to learn more about medicine. I learnt about SLAS through the Schools Engagement website. My role model is Dr.Ben Carson because of his courage and faith in his neurosurgeon career.

Primary School

Vitengeni Primary School

Secondary School

Kisii High School

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics, Chemistry, English and Biology

Career Aspiration

Clinical medicine and surgery


Playing piano, football and watching movies

Personal Blog


My journey in KEMRI began with Epidemiology Demographics Department (EDD) which deals with population and disease surveillance. It’s done across the KEMRI Health Demographics Surveillance System tri-annually. The field workers visit one home after another keying the specific events; child births, death, new houses, in-migrant and out migrant. Verbal autopsy is also taken. I got chance to do all this enumeration by myself. I also got briefed on data quality.

The census helps to locate people of specific age if a research has to be done. It also enables the researchers to curb any breakout of diseases by locating the place which is actually affected. For instance, Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, which is a current study that researchers are engaged in with children of 5years and below so as to see if giving a fraction instead of the fully vaccine produces the same immunity. I now can picture what KEMRI can take Kenya up to from the researches done here. Community Liaison Group

It works to create mutually understanding between the community and the program. This is achieved through the barazas, KEMRI Community Representatives, exhibitions and open days that KEMRI holds. Views from the community get to reach the organization through these. The KCR meetings bridges the gap between the community and KEMRI. They are hold tri-annually.

Though the meetings, my communication skills were greatly sharpened. I actually admired the language, fully with etiquette used in ensuring any misconceptions from the community were shuttered. Although it was tough at the start ,at the end every one smiled due to the courtesy of the Community Liaison Group. How I wish the community could copy it from this team.