Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga



Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga

Residence: Mabirikani in Kilifi

What motivates me: My desire is to be source of inspiration and motivation to others and be the best Role model:My model because she is very determined and focused

Primary School

St.Thomas Primary School

Secondary School

Loreto High School Limuru

Favourite School Subjects

Chemistry and business studies

Career Aspiration

I would like to pursue a degree in medicine and surgery


Reading novels and travelling

Personal Blog


In my attachment I will go through 5 departments these are labs, CLG, wards, EDD and ICT. After the attachment I will be heading to Moi university to study Bachelor of Medicine and surgery.


There are 3 labs that I visited. These are microbiology, immunology and Clinical Trials Labs(CTL).
The microbiology lab deals with the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. In this lab I got the chance to see how scientists handle samples from the wards and fields and how they test those samples for various microorganisms.
The immunology lab is the lab in which immune responses are studied. Here I got to understand how the malaria antigen affects the human body and the body’s defense mechanism against malaria.
The clinical trials lab is the lab in which blood, urine and stool samples are brought for tests. I was taught how to carry out different test for example I learnt how to do blood grouping, urinalysis and how to run blood samples.
The experience in the labs was very involving and interesting.


This department aims at improving the relationship between KEMRI and the community where KEMRI works. In order to achieve this the department engages the community through various means such as open days, KCRs, outreaches and the school engagement program. I was privileged to attend 3 KCR meetings at Junju, Kilifi township and Roka. I also attended an open day that had been organized for police officers from Malindi as well an engagement program for students from Sokoke boys secondary school. In this department I really got the chance to see and appreciate the work that KEMRI does and how the program has been of help to the locals.

I visited 4 areas while on my ward rotation. These are ward1, the high dependency unit (HDU), pharmacy and the outpatient department. I got the chance to join the nurses and doctors as they attend to the patients and I must say that I was really motivated by the clinicians to follow my dream of wanting to study medicine. At the pharmacy I learnt how to prepare and dispense drugs and it was very enjoyable. In the outpatient department I attended the sickle cell clinic where I learnt more about the disease in terms of how it is inherited, its symptoms and management. I had a very good time in the wards and I was very inspired and I learnt a lot.