Frida Katana



Frida Katana

I would like go pursue pharmacy and I believe SLAS is going to provide me with the exposure, experience and mentorship that I need. I’m also in a youth club whereby we clean the environment especially the beach,we talk to youths about drug abuse and I volunteer as a teacher in orphanages. I learnt about SLAS through the School Engagement website. My role modes are Jacquiline Ndinda and my chemistry teacher Mr. Stephen Obuong. My desire to be a pharmacist is motivated by the loss of my mum who had Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) which does not have a cure yet.

Primary School

Sawasawa Academy Timboni

Secondary School

Loreto Limuru

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Listening to music, watching National Geographic channel

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So far I have had two rotations one in the wards and another at Epidemiological Department. In Epidemiological Department I had a chance to talk to several mentors involved in different fields. We had one on ones whereby we were taken through project management and regulation. We also had mentors taking us through bioinformatics and operations in the department. I also attended a sickle cell clinic where I interviewed patients and learnt about the sign and symptoms of the disease and the possible treatments and the treatment that are available in the clinic and I even took a test. It was during that period that I attended a Community Health Volunteer open day and got to know the vies of the people on KEMRI and its activities. I also attended a KEMRI Community Volunteers meeting at Mtondia.I took part in conducting a KEMRI census together with the field workers at Magogoni. My best moment in this rotation was during the fieldwork in Magogoni, Magarini and Mambrui while interacting with the people.

My next rotation was in the wards. I first went to the pharmacy. I was taken through different processes such as transfers and distribution of drugs in the computer. I had a chance to dispense drugs and give instruction to the patients after learning how to interpret the frequencies. In the morning I witnessed the pharmacists taking into account the drugs that were in the pharmacy and those in ward one and the High Dependency Unit. I also met the people in charge of the shigela vaccine and pneumonia vaccine study. I was also in the High Dependency Unit where very sick patients are admitted. The Clinicians over there are basically very busy saving lives. What is remarkable is that the clinician and doctors basically work as a team. There are field workers both at ward one and in High Dependency Unit where by the enroll patients into study after they consent. There is also the High Dependency lab where tests are done. I got to know of the new cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine that is still under a clinical trial for it to be accepted in Kenya.