Fondo Amos Gabriel



Fondo Amos Gabriel

I, Amos Fondo, was born on the 5th day of May, the year 1998. I am the second born in our family of nine children .Mother has five daughters and four boys. I have always been grateful that she didn’t stop at eight if only she were to balance her children. Mwakwala is my birthplace and also our residence as a family. I believe it wasn’t by mistake that I was born in a village where education and success was something fictitious and completely unrealistic. This environment is what nurtures and motivates me to stay in the race to my destiny. I can say that the best education I ever had started at home. This was when mum and dad taught me the principles in life and values that I still hold until this very day. One thing about me is that when I am passionate about something, I go to extreme efforts to meet my passion. I love to go out and explore the world. But am also careful cautious for it was written: Watch your life and doctrine closely, persevere in them, because if you do, you will save yourself and your hearers. I am going to pursue a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering at Kenyatta University main campus. What motivates me is seeing flying planes,successful people and poverty in my family. My role models are my teachers,scientists and author Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Primary School

Mwakwala Primary School

Secondary School

Tsangatsini Secondary school

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English

Career Aspiration

Aspiring to be an aerospace engineer.


Reading literature and keeping up with the current affairs.

Personal Blog



Being on attachment at KEMRI-WELLCOME TRUST is an experience worth to tell. It was fabulous going through all the departments and learning what it is exactly that they do. I can’t stop to expose the things that really caught my interest as I went past each of them.



It was a nice exposure meeting and the staff working under the EDD. First of all, they were very receptive and well organized while at the same time very committed to their work .Secondly, they were able to explain their duties perfectly well. I felt privileged learning about the various studies conducted there and their impact on the society.



This is yet another area where my emotions were fixed on. It is a very crucial department whose work is greatly relied on by both researchers and field workers within the unit. I got to love the exclusive communication skills exhibited by its members which makes them build fruity relations with the community.



A visit to the labs was enough to give me the real feel of what health research is. The enthusiasm and patience common among all laboratory staff is something I really appreciated. The staff were also receptive and tried as much as they could to explain their duties and also give life tips and career advice.



If you want to know if you really have a fleshy heart, then a rotation to the wards is right for you. This is where I learnt how much courage it takes to see patients, more so padaetrics and neonates struggling in pain and agony. All in all I must point out that it was all beneficial to me both in terms of experience and knowledge.



My last rotation was in the IT department-a very crucial section that is relied on by everyone within the institution. It was a great pleasure getting to know the IT experts as well as their areas of jurisdiction. I found it exciting and important being computer literate and my belief is that I will be one myself since I learnt that it’s a skill that cuts across the broad career spectrum.