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Fatuma Abdulkadir Raho

My name is Fatma Abdulkadir. A resident of Kilifi, I am the first born in a family of five and my parents. I will be joining The University of Nairobi to study bachelor of medicine and surgery finally I see myself putting my dreams into action. WHAT KEEPS ME MOVING: The gift of life each morning that assures me that my mission isn’t yet achieved and I have dreams, dreams that are valid and the best thing about a dream is to live the dream .The secret to success is self-belief nothing is difficult only if you do what it takes to make it easy. Never be afraid of failing but rather be afraid of the chances you had but never tried. ROLE MODELS: My parents, my I.R.E. teacher Though no one can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending

Primary School

Kilimo Primary School

Secondary School

Ribe girl‘s secondary school

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics, chemistry and I.R.E.

Career Aspiration

I dream of being of a doctor


Making friends, travelling, and reading.

Personal Blog


For the past two months in the programme I got a chance to visit various departments. I can firmly say that my motive was achieved for this was an eye opener session for me. To start of I just made up my mind to in deed follow my dreams of being a doctor ,my visit to the wards was an amazing experience keeping in mind I was with Ammy and Ajax who term themselves that they got nothing to do with biological sciences.
One thing that I learnt is doing what you love and dedicate yourself to it you endeavor enjoy doing your work this was well demonstrated by the community liaison department and lab team. Not to forget the tutorials that not only built on my self-esteem but also self-realization.

Not to forget the technology world, the IT department the knowledge I got there was a master piece should I say the even convinced my mind otherwise, no, just on a light note but indeed it was one epic experience.
What came out vividly at the community liaison department is illiteracy is the biggest disease affecting Kilifi given the notion , myth and misconception people have about the organization but surely a word heals a soul because after the open days people used to live with different perspective from what they came in with I give a kudos to this teamwork well done.

At the epidemiology and demographic department I mostly enjoyed the field visits especially to Gongoni Primary with the VEC group. Also the SHINDA study and how to link health with research not to forget the demographic department especially the verbal autopsy also known as oral therapy.

In the labs, here I felt like a researcher by nature I literally did DNA extraction which was really interesting interacting with the ‘behind the scene ‘of what happens in the hospital . I also got to know my blood group and cell count. It was amazing.

Finally, I would like to thank the whole programme for the amazing opportunity it granted me indeed it was worth. The people I interacted with, who really were encouraging my fellow group members in the various departments. Thumbs up that was work well done.