Collins Kiresu Kanamu



Collins Kiresu Kanamu

Residence: Kwa Mwango-Kilifi

What motivates me: Lacking of something.I am motivated to do something and give it my all if there is a dire need of it. Role model: My father John

Primary School

Kilifi High Vision Academy

Secondary School

Nyeri High School

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics and chemistry

Career Aspiration

I would like to pursue a degree in Actuarial science


Basketball, swimming and chess

Personal Blog


In the labs I got to meet scientists doing their various projects. In microbiology got to learn about malaria, see the parasite through a microscope and also got to see how they study it in accordance to the aim of their research. In addition I also got to see the different stages of malaria parasite growth. I also got to go to microbiology where I got to see how they study different types of bacteria for example pneumonia. In the Clinical Trial Laboratory I got to see how samples are received from the field and the tests that are done to them before they are taken to the labs for further studies.

The experience was great to say. I got a chance to learn more about the studies that were going on in the field. I learnt how they processed the data they got from the field. The statisticians there were really good at their work and it motivated me to like it since I wanted to do a statistics related course. I also got a chance to go to the field and got engaged in taking a census of the people in the DSS. It was really fun to finally have some action in the field although it was tiresome.

My time at this rotation was my greatest of all. Everyone was calm and welcomed us warmly. My time was action packed with KCR meetings. I enjoyed it because at the end of it all I would get a drink after a day’s work. The KCRs were great company and they enjoyed doing what they do which is educating the community about KEMRI. I also got a chance to witness a play by Jukwaa arts production at Mtomondoni in Mtwapa where they educated the community on research through plays. It was very great to witness the good relationship that KEMRI WELLCOME TRUST has with the community.