Ammy Dama Mwasambu



Ammy Dama Mwasambu


My name is Ammy Dama Mwasambu. I am the last born and the only girl in a family of three. I come from Misufini-Kibarani. I am proud Chonyi girl. I was once the Governor of Kilifi County in the Kenya Children Assembly. Football is my life. Sports is my blood and 100m, long jump, high jump and 200m my DNA. I will be joining the University of Nairobi to pursue law. My Role model is Warren Buffett –he failed so many time but never gave up and is now the second richest man in the united states of America My motivation is the fact that there is always a new thing to learn every day that can make me a successful person. My advice to fellow young adults is that one doesn’t have to be good at everything but for that one thing they are good at they should do their very best to out smart everyone else. Success starts in your head.

Primary School

St Jude’s Coast Preparatory School-Kilifi

Secondary School

Maryhill Girls’ High School

Favourite School Subjects

Mathematics (The art of playing with numbers), Kiswahili,Physics

Career Aspiration

Electrical and electronics engineering


Playing football, Watching TV and singing

Personal Blog


I am proud to be a part of the SLAS group. Being here for the three months has taught me a lot that can help me in my life. I now understand what medical research entails and can comfortably explain to people. This is a life time experience.
In all the departments I visited I made sure to learn a thing or two.I have learnt to be punctual and how to relate with people at my place of work.

Epidemiology Demographic Department – I loved the field activities because I got to visit new paces and interact with different people and see how people live. I learnt about different studies such as the PCVIS (Pneumococcal Conjugate Virus Impact Study).

Community Liaison Group – This was the best department I went to. This is where I got to learn more about Kemri and views of the community about Kemri through the open days we had. I love what the members of CLG do and how they engaged us in all their activities.

Wards – this is where I confirmed that working in a hospital is a calling. I got to appreciate the work the doctors and nurses do. I experienced the attachment a doctor has to their patient and also shared the joy of seeing a patient recover. The pharmacy was the best part of my ward rounds-the counting of drugs, making of compounds and interpreting prescriptions was great.

Information and Communication Technology –I still cannot believe I created my own was an interesting experience. The explanation about servers was the best that right now I can confidently explain people about them. Dealing with computers s interesting and now I think I would wish to connect my course with IT.

Labs – here I met scientist working on different things. I enjoyed the extraction of the DNA.I also had a chance to use the electric microscope while observing whether samples had the Rota virus.i saw how scientist culture parasites, how the count cells, how they observe the different stages of malaria and also how the check the sensitivity of a drug.