Kui Muraya




Principal Investigator/Research Fellow

Current Work

Trying to understand how societal gender norms impact on health.


To improve Kenyan lives, and particularly for those less fortunate.


Any degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences is sufficient to get into a career in Social Science research. I personally have a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and Anthropology; Another degree in Bachelor of Health Sciences and a PhD in Health and Social Care.


I like yoga, meditation, running, hiking and mountain climbing (I have climbed both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro). I also enjoy treating myself to a relaxing day at the spa whenever I can. I greatly dislike corruption and any kind of social injustice e.g. racism and sexism

Favorite subject

I don’t think they have it anymore, but it used to be called Social Education and Ethics (SEE)


: To make the world a better place! I want to live in a world where girls, boys, men and women live in a fair and equitable world, free from things like gender-based violence and discrimination; and where all people have equal opportunities. And that is why I am a very strong advocate for gender equity (which encompasses both women’s and men’s issues).