Juliet Otieno




Research Medical Doctor, currently doing my PhD

Current Work

Working with sick children, parents and healthcare providers to understand the challenges that parents encounter when trying to get the best medical care for their children as well as the challenges that healthcare workers in rural facilities in trying to provide the best medical care for children.  I collect information at health facilities, homesteads and also treat children who may be ill.


I love children. I have always loved children and when I became a doctor it was only natural for me to work with children. I am currently involved in research at the community level because so many children die in the community without having the chance to receive appropriate treatment at health facilities. I believe that by understanding the challenges that parents experience and the circumstances surrounding their ability and decisions to seek appropriate medical treatment – we can improve the health of children in the community.


An undergraduate degree in medicine, a master’s degree in a public health related field or a clinical field. I have an undergraduate degree in medicine and a master’s degree in epidemiology – which is a field in public health that concentrates on medical research. I am currently pursuing a PhD with concentration in both epidemiology and social science.


My hobbies are singing and dancing, cooking and playing with my toddler and (sleeping from the exhaustion!). I also love performed arts and designing/creating things – although I do not get to do much of this lately. I do not like swimming (and I live at the coast!)

Favorite subject



My long term ambition is to work together with people who share my dream of making a real difference in the lives of the very poor children. To help these children live longer and healthier lives.