About SEP

Schools engagement programme


We have several ways in which we discuss research with the community at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi. These include meetings with community members, health workers and community leaders. A new approach involves activities with local secondary schools.

Since 2008, we have been working closely with the County Education Office, local students and science teachers to establish the KEMRI Schools Engagement Programme (SEP).

SEP was established for three reasons

  • First, to respond to the local leaders’ requests for involvement in schools.
  • Second, because researchers felt that they could contribute to local secondary school education
  • Third, to create an opportunity for dialogue between researchers and members of the community aimed at promoting mutual understanding.

Focus of our activities

  • An outreach programme targeting groups of secondary schools in Kilifi, called the Schools Engagement Programme (SEP).
  • A 3-month attachment scheme for 9 high-achieving school leavers from the County during the period before university places are taken up. To date, 69 students have completed the attachment scheme.
  • On-line engagement with students


The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) was founded in 1989 by the Oxford University, KEMRI and the Wellcome Trust. KWTRP seeks to find new ways of preventing and treating disease. The programme achieves this through research studies, which are scientific ways of improving existing health care methods and developing new ones. There are various types of research studies, ranging from clinical trials for testing new medicines and vaccines to studies that use interviews or surveys to understand health problems, and as a means of finding better ways of improving health care.

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